I don t think it s possible to meet a rare species.

  • Personally, I don't think that if I meet a rare species, I can make good black water works. What's more, it's quite difficult to show each subject's different texture and manner with proper shooting methods. Although most of the black water works show black background, the good ones should be recognizable from lighting to composition.

    Perhaps we can only grow up through countless mistakes and objectively see some gaps at a high level, and all the imperfections of the past are like footprints left by the past, which are worth preserving forever. In the next trip, I will try more new shooting techniques, the accuracy of light distribution to the utmost, and shoot works that are different from before, which is the most attractive thing for me.

    Because the new book requires many common but important species, it collates many previously unsatisfactory photographs. Above are some of the lessons learned from repairing old drawings on the plane.

    Nikon d850 + 60mm
    Nauticam housing
    Nauticam MWL-1

    Photo 5: ObetBeijing Capital International Airport

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