Qingyang Palace, Chengdu (1) 2018 12.

  • Qingyang Palace in Chengdu (1) Shooting in 2018/12

    Taoism National Key Palace View, Provincial Protection.

    It was not known when it was first built. In the late Tang Dynasty, the Huangchao Uprising, Qizong took refuge in Shuzhong and used it as a palace. Houzhao was changed to Qingyang Palace. The Five Dynasties called Qingyang Guan and the Song Dynasty renamed Qingyang Palace. The existing buildings were rebuilt in the six to ten years of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty. The main building is divided into six parts. On the central axis are Shanmen, Mixed Yuan Hall, Bagua Pavilion, Sanqing Hall, Dou Grandma Hall, Zijintai, Birth Platform and Falun Platform.

    There are two bronze cast bronze sheep in front of the Sanqing Palace, which are treasures of the town palace. Single horn Qingyang contains twelve Chinese Zodiac features, including rat ears, cattle body, tiger claw, rabbit back, dragon horn, snake tail, horse mouth, sheep Hu, Hericium erinaceus, corn, dog belly and pig buttocks. It is the first year of Yong Zheng, the great Bachelor Zhang Penghe donated. The double-horned green sheep was donated by Chengdu believer Zhang Keshi in Daoguang for nine years.

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