How can there be less ice cream in summer?

  • How can there be less ice cream in summer?
    The delicious and explosive net red ice cream Wangzi frozen idiot to understand!

    Look at the packaging is very ordinary, think it's the taste of crushed ice, and find that it's actually a milky ice-cream! ___________ It tastes like a milkshake at room temperature! Ice becomes ice cream after freezing! Is it amazing?

    Coconut milk frozen idiot
    Strong coconut milk flavor, if you are coconut green control, absolutely will fall in love!

    Vanilla-flavored frozen idiot
    The classic taste of ice cream, like the frozen taste of vanilla milkshake, I recommend you this taste!

    Chilled taro
    Taro + milk is absolutely immortal, I love this taste, like the sweet little taro do not miss!

    # City Taste Bud Warfare## grazing machine## Gourmet Show V#
    @ Xiancheng

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