Chengdu Wenshu Courtyard (1) 2018 12.

  • Wenshu Courtyard in Chengdu (1) Shooting in 2018/12

    The key Buddhist monasteries in the Han nationality area are protected by the provincial government.

    Founded in the Sui Dynasty, it went through the Tang, Five Dynasties, Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasties. It used to be called Xinxiang Academy and Xinxiang Temple. After 36 years of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty, it changed its name to Wenshu Academy. In the forty-first year of Emperor Kangxi, the Emperor gave the silk banner of "Empty Forest", hence the name "Emperor Forest Hall".

    Halls are five-fold, followed by mountain gates, Tianwang Hall, three earth halls, Daxiong Hall, Falun Hall, Tibetan Sutra Building, the East and west sides of the bell tower, Zhaitang, gallery and so on.

    # Reed Shadow Tour## Reading City#

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