Napoleon s Crown

  • [Napoleon's Crown] August 15, 2019 marks the 250th anniversary of Napoleon's birth.
    Now a mysterious golden leaf connects the legendary emperor of Europe with China. Osenat sold a laurel leaf on Napoleon's crown at an auction in Paris on November 19, 2017, AFP reported. Auctioneer Jean-Pierre Osenat said that the leaf was only 10 grams. If it melted again and sold at current gold prices, it would be worth less than $500, but it ended up being sold at 625,000 euros, six times higher than the original estimate of 100,000 euros.
    According to auction house sources, the mysterious buyer is from China. This is one of the two remaining golden leaves handed down from generation to generation, and the other one is treasured in the Palace of Fontainebleau, France.
    The time will go back to December 2, 1804, which is a Sunday. Representatives from the French judiciary, the Ministry of Quarters, the French Academy, the French provinces, colonies, chambers of commerce, peasant associations, etc. went to Notre Dame de Paris to attend the coronation ceremony of Napoleon, a grand historical event.
    Napoleon used two crowns when he was crowned. At the crowning ceremony, Napoleon did not deferentially wait for the Pope to crown him, but put the crown on his head. This fits perfectly with the image of the head of the Corsican soldier's family, and Napoleon did it on his own.
    In fact, Napoleon lifted a replica of Charlemagne's coronation crown over his head, but did not wear it on himself because he was wearing another laurel crown. It was Napoleon's crown from the time he entered the cathedral to the end of the coronation.
    The gold laurel crown was designed and built by Napoleon's imperial goldsmith, Bianne. The crown consists of 44 big leaves, 12 small leaves and 42 seeds. Each leaf symbolizes Napoleon's victory. The moment when Napoleon wore the crown of laurel became his highlight and one of the important models of Napoleon in historical records. So far Napoleon's power reached its peak, and he became "the emperor of the French". Classical painter David took notes of the glorious moment when Napoleon wore his crown.
    Unfortunately, after Napoleon's defeat, the royalists, fearing Napoleon's restoration, removed the crown representing supreme power from Notre Dame in Paris and melted it into a piece of gold in 1819 at the La Monnaie de Paris. Only two golden leaves on the crown escaped being destroyed.
    The gold leaf of Fengdan Bailu Palace is collected by the famous painter Jean-Baptiste Isabey (1767-1855). After the coronation of Notre Dame in Paris in 1804, Napoleon held another coronation ceremony in Milan in 1805. Before he was crowned King of Italy, he tried on another laurel. According to Isabey, "In 1805, before leaving for Milan to be crowned, the King of Italy tried on his crown, and a leaf fell off. Your Majesty said to me, "Keep it as a souvenir of your clumsiness." The gold leaf was sold in Cannes in the 1980s, amounting to 80,000 francs. Later, Fengdan Bailu Palace exercised the state preemptive right to acquire the treasure.
    According to historical records, the gold leaf collected by Chinese collectors came from the family biography of Napoleon's imperial goldsmith, Bionne. Napoleon once complained about the weight of the crown, so Bianne took six of the gold leaves and left them to his six daughters, but now only one remains. Now, the hero has passed away, and the golden leaf that witnesses history lies in the depth of time.[奥特曼]

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