Anshan Qianshan Senrentai (2)...

  • Anshan Qianshan Senrentai (II) Filming on September 2013

    Senrentai is the highest mountain in Qianshan, 708.3 meters above sea level. There are cliffs on the top of the platform, extending about 10 meters eastward, like a goose head. Chuan Lu Dongbin once played chess here, so he was called Xianrentai. Another is that Ding Lingwei flew in as a fairy queen. Bodhisattvas carved on the steep rocks are sitting like a statue, with the inscription of Tu Jingtao of the Qing Dynasty on the upper forehead & quot; Xianrentai & quot; three seal characters.
    Scenic spots introduce the height of mountains, always say elevation, this is not our climbing journey, there is a ground elevation need to be subtracted. Relatively high, you can feel its majesty and handsome.

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