Remind everyone! Let s take a look at the comments. Don t get angry again!

  • Remind everyone! /@Bean fungus: Look at the comments, don't get angry again! /@Abcde-iii: Not angry, not angry /@Liuwei Dihuang Hair: Yes, whenever I get angry, my milk hurts (mammary gland hyperplasia).

    ForwardBean fungusWomen really can't be angry.
    Especially sulking, not vent, light long acne long closed, heavy breast ah easy to problem, ten women eight mammary glands have a little problem, because! Angry!
    My friend A is going to have breast surgery at the end of last year. I'm going to have a check-up too. I have a feeling of swelling and pain (not to develop?!).
    Really, don't get angry.

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