These days, I went to Guangzhou to entertain all my fishermen warmly.

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    ForwardHuajimaThese days, I went to Guangzhou to entertain all my fishermen, and @Cheilinus was accompanied by food and sleeping. Half-dead tired, I still accompanied me to the Changlong Wildlife Park.
    As soon as we entered the park, a group of flamingos (Fig. 1-3) with their wings cut came into view. We have to say that Changlong's breeding technology is so excellent that it can raise flamingos so red, which is quite different from the Flamingos (Fig. 4) raised in Guangzhou Zoo.
    Flamingos in Nanning Zoo (Fig. 5) are relatively red. It was observed that they were fed with shrimps. Perhaps this is the secret of turning red? Http://

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