Hello, everyone. I m Dong Zilin Xiaolang, No. 21, Junior General of Big Ice.

  • Haha, lovely child //@Xiaolang: calm and quiet[给你小心心]The first sentence is my wife and I, and the second sentence is my brother and sister. My name is Longwife, Jing, and my brother's name is Lin Mei, Xie. //@Dodo's mother called Amiao: Little spray, with a heart of Lin Lin,

    Forward@ little waves: Hello everyone [seeking attention] I am #大冰小将#21号董子麟@小小浪 I am a boy, I am not a girl [sneak music] I send @TFBOYS-易烊千玺哥哥[铁侠] Iron Man card, because,He just had a birthday, oh, I am Spider-Man [Spider-Man] I am a friend of Iron Man [Iron Man] [haha] So I can be friends with my brother, [I like it] I love my dad @小浪妈妈@,Lin Xiaojing sister @小小花[羞嗒嗒] If you like me, just follow me [shame] remember to come every Saturday night at 20:30 @浙江卫视大冰小将看我和我队友啦啦 [to you,Be careful] http:t.cn/Eq0m2ZQ

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