Chixin Hawthorn Sweet Potato Cake Sweet Potato Cake Wrapped with Milky Fragrance.

  • Chixin Hawthorn Sweet Potato Cake

    Sweet potato cake wrapped with milk-rich cheese crumbs, with a little sweet and sour hawthorn sauce, soft and hard moderate, full of fragrance

    Ingredients: sweet potato 300g flour 100g Hawthorn sauce 50g cheese crushed 50g black sesame, sugar and oil

    1. Slice sweet potatoes and steam them for 15 minutes until they are easily penetrated by chopsticks. Steamed sweet potatoes, with a shovel (or spoon, rolling pin) crushed, add a proper amount of sugar, stirring evenly

    2. Add flour to sweet potato paste and knead well. The kneaded dough is soft and not sticky.

    3. Pick up a dough of about 30g, knead it round and press it into a cake shape. Spread Hawthorn sauce on the cake surface with a spoon, then sprinkle some cheese.

    4. Like wrapping dumplings, gradually close the skin, knead it round, sprinkle sesame on the surface and then flatten it a little bit.

    5. After preheating, grease the cake and put it into the prepared sweet potato cake. The cake surface is also coated with oil. Cover and fry for about 2 minutes.

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