Hegeles Giant Babu This is a kind of African origin.

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    This species is a member of the genus Hysterocrates from Cameroon, Nigeria and other countries in Africa. Its overall color is brown and some individuals are slightly olive. The name of this species comes from Hercules, son of Zeus in Greek mythology. The adult female of this spider has a foot span of about 18-22 centimeters. It is the second largest bird-catching spider in Africa. Next to Sao Tome's giant Olive Palm Barb, it is also worthy of the name of "giant"
    As a typical cave-dwelling bird-catching spider, the giant Babu digs very deep caves in his native habitat for habitation and hunting, up to a meter deep. Like most of the other Babu (known as Babu) spiders, Haig has a strong aggressiveness and explosive speed.
    Regarding Haig, there is a statement that has not been clearly explained up to now. It is said that many years ago when this variety was introduced into the market, it had been confused with its own hysterocrates crassipes and hysterocrates gigas. At present, the "Haiglis" circulating on the market is actually a hybrid variety, but pure Heiglis is not obviously strong. The fourth pair of footsteps is also said to be two different populations or subspecies of Hagrid. But at present, there are both footsteps in the market. Everyone has different opinions on this issue.
    (Some pictures come from the Internet)

    Figure 4-6 is my own adolescent mother Hagrid
    Figure 7-8 is my minor high seas
    Figure 9 shows that little Gonghaig has just shed his skin not long ago.

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