As a Nazi gangster who firmly opposes political correctness...

  • To sum up: "Although we all know that blacks are garbage, it can't be said clearly. Old man Watson spoke too frankly and the research itself had loopholes. It's right to be caught dead by the left stick."[笑而不语]

    ForwardGao Jieli Gao SongAs a Nazi gangster who firmly opposes political correctness, the difference in IQ between different races is the only topic that I think can and should be avoided.

    The reasons are as follows:

    1. Assuming that the intelligence of black people is the same as that of other races, it would be a waste of time and contradiction to devote great efforts to research.

    2. Assume that the intelligence of blacks is indeed slightly lower than that of other people (for example, assume that the average IQ of blacks is 90 and that of whites is 100).

    So what is the purpose of IQ research and what are the consequences?

    If the mainstream academia, like the theory of numbers and strings, throws aside its arms to study the differences in IQ of different races, and everyone pours water, the final result is that the mainstream society has formed an open consensus: the black people are mentally retarded.

    So what?

    The essence of human being differing from animals lies in intelligence. Human beings have high intelligence and animals have low intelligence. When the scientific community says that a race has low intelligence, it is tantamount to a loud announcement that the race is biologically inferior.

    What a spiritual blow is this?

    Fat people can lose weight, black people can't bleach. It's impolite to talk openly about people's physical disadvantage.

    He is big and small, at most hurting his self-esteem. Small brains eliminate self-esteem completely.

    How can a group whose self-esteem has been totally destroyed coexist with the crabs and build a progressive earth in this world?

    Once a person loses his self-esteem completely, he will abandon himself and he will be able to do anything.

    There are billions of blacks on the planet who are declared inferior and full of anger. What do you say will happen?

    Intelligence quotient is normal distribution, the average is 90 of the population also has high intelligence quotient, the average 100 of the population also has low intelligence quotient.

    If you have a lower IQ, you can do a lot of work. Besides, even AOC, a low IQ, can be a member of Congress.

    IQ 140, take 10 minutes to understand the problem, IQ 95, you can spend a day, and then ask for tutor, you can also understand, foolish birds fly slowly.

    The first time you see a baby ugly daughter of a college classmate's family, you can only say "beautiful little princess".

    Ethnic intelligence quotient is a truth, it can not be said.

    Professor Watson is a legend. It's a good ending for him.

    In the long run of history, he would be remembered as a rebellious heresy, better than a star-shining Nobel Prize winner.

    As an ordinary fart, I don't look at skin color, only ability, of course, my heart is not a fool. If I run into three black doctors in a row and they're all bad, I'll weigh in my heart when I find the next doctor.

    Of course, I won't go around saying it publicly. That's hard to say.

    "Whether there are differences in the intelligence of different races" is the unspeakable hidden meaning of modern human beings. Strictly speaking, it is different from other political correctness in terms of "politeness".

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