Whenever it comes to fried small yellow croaker, pickled yellow croaker, etc.

  • When it comes to fried small yellow croaker and pickled yellow croaker, I believe many people are drooling silently in their hearts. Today we are going to introduce this delicacy of daily life, small yellow croaker. Larimichthys polyactis, commonly known as yellow croaker, thick-scaled larvae, big eyes, flower fish, ancient fish. It is one of the ten treasures of the World Wide Fund for Nature.
    The fish has a flat body, a large mouth and orange lips. Their backs are darker yellowish-brown and their abdomen is lighter golden. The tail handle is slender and the tail fin is wedge-shaped, which is very similar to that of large yellow croaker. They overwinter in the deep sea in winter and migrate to the coast in spring. When they lay eggs in March-June, they disperse in the offshore rope bait. They mainly feed on bran shrimp, hairy shrimp and small fish, and then re-enter the deep sea in late autumn.
    This fish is distributed in the Northwest Pacific, especially in the East China Sea, the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea. It belongs to the bottom warm water fish. Most of them live in sea areas with water depth not exceeding 105 meters and mud or sediment sediment.
    They have various uses. In addition to being used as meat, their scales can be used to produce fish scale gum, pearl, swim bladder gum and sperm protamine. It can also be used as fish crisp.
    Source: wiki, fishbase.se
    Gemmographical Records

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