Strange Bird World South African Penguin..

  • Strange Bird WorldSouth African Penguin, July 2019, Cape Town Penguin Beach, South Africa.
    Penguin Beach in Cape Town, South Africa, is located in Simon Town along the way from Cape Town to Cape Good Hope scenic spot. In 1982, two pairs of penguins were discovered by local residents. Since then, they have been protected and bred. Now there are about 3600 penguins in the area.
    Penguin Beach has also become a local tourist attraction, which requires tickets to enter. From the gate to the seaside, wooden trestle roads have been built. Visitors can walk along the wooden trestle roads to the seaside. The beaches on both sides of the trestle roads are the habitats of penguins, where they nest and breed. Penguins are basically fearless of people and can be in close contact. Hungry, they went to the sea for food, mainly sardines and anchovies.
    It is generally felt that penguins are all in the Antarctic, but there are also penguins in other places. South African penguins are one of several species distributed north. No penguins were seen in Australia during the Spring Festival of 2018. This time I saw the first penguin I saw in the wild.

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