Xianyang. Wuzhou Shunling Mausoleum (3) There is a monument in the middle of the outer city.

  • Xianyang. Shunling Tomb of Wuzhou (3)
    In the central part of the outer city, there is a stone pagoda monument, which was erected by Wu Zetian's mother in the second year of Chang'an (702). The inscription is titled "Preface to the Monument of the Supreme Xiaoming Empress in the Great Zhou Dynasty". The inscription was written by King Wusansi of Liang, the pillar kingdom in the history of Taijin Prince's concurrent study. Prince Zuo Fengyuan inspected the book of Wang Li Dan, the minister-in-chief of Anbei City.
    The full text of the stone tablet is 4449 words, of which 16 are created by Wu Zetian. Square font, one inch and five cents per word. Calligraphy is neat and elegant, with both seal and official script. In the 34 years (1555) Guanzhong earthquake of Jiajing in Ming Dynasty, the tablet was broken into several pieces and became debris after it collapsed. At that time, Xianyang County Order sent people to make the tablet into several pieces and transport it to the Weihe River to fill the embankment.
    During the reign of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, the Weihe River burst into flood and destroyed its embankment. Three pieces of Shunling Stele were found. During the Daoguang period, it was transported to the county office and embedded on the East wall. During Tongzhi reinvention of the Confucian Temple, a remnant tablet was found. Three more monuments were unexpectedly found underground when the waterway was built in 1962. Seven pieces have been found, two of which are broken into two pieces, so there are nine pieces in Xianyang Museum. There are 283 inscriptions in the remnant tablet.

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