Tor douronensis.

  • Primitive fishTor douronensis is another species of giant grouper (Tor spp.) produced in China. Today's research suggests that the giant grouper is actually a synonym of wild grouper (Chen, in Yang et al, 2010) which is widely distributed in Southeast Asia, although it is found that the eyes of large scale grouper in China are from small to large. It's dark, but we can't deny that the middle lobe of the lower lip is similar in development. Of course, there are also the results of gene testing.

    Big scaled fish (which is still described by its proper name in Chinese) inhabit the main river or tributary, where the water flow slows down. They are omnivorous and are edible fish of origin, but rarely seen.

    Big scale fish are distributed in Lancang River, Nanting River and Nangong River, and are found in Mekong River Basin, Java, Borneo, Malay Peninsula and so on.

    The classification of large scale scaled fish is characterized by smooth and strong stiff spines on the last unbranched fins of dorsal fin, no serrated teeth on the posterior edge, and 8 branched fins on the dorsal fin. The lips are thick and close to the outer surface of the upper and lower jaws. The upper lip is not lobulated and connects to the lower lip at the corner of the mouth. The middle lobe of the adult fish is square, and it can not reach back as far as the connecting line between the two corners of the mouth. The scale is large, the lateral line scale is 23-27, the scale of chest and abdomen is slightly smaller, and there is a well-developed axillary scale on the base of pelvic fin. There are many colors in life, such as brown, blue, purple, blue and black. The fins are light grey with blue.

    Fresh specimens of Chinese knot fish (Tor sinensis) and large scale knot fish are easily distinguished. The former is orange-red, the latter is green-gray. Their immersed specimens fade quickly and can be distinguished by the shape and development of the middle lobe of the lower lip, although the shape and development of the middle lobe vary with the growth of the individual. But if the body length is equal, it is not difficult to distinguish.

    From Peacock Township, the @ Personal Legitimate Brother thinks that the largest giraffe in China is the giant scale fish, which can catch more than 70 Jin of individuals. The rumored Tor yingjiangensis still lives in myth.

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