A group of stone inscriptions in Xianyang Museum Shaanxi Tiger Teeth.

  • A Group of Stone Carvings in Xianyang Museum
    @ Brother Huya of Shaanxi specially showed me the picture (1) and (2) this is a shrinking head & quot; tortoise & quot;. Of course, it's not a turtle. Its academic name is Baxia, or Duanlai, Guibo, one of the sons of the dragon, who likes to be abused under heavy loads. His occupation is a stele. It's easy to distinguish tortoise from dragon in sculpture. Turtle is not toothless, so if you endorse electric toothbrush, you should find dragon.
    The reason why this pigtail shrinks its head may be the original & quot; head & quot; out of it, a craftsman has created another one to complement the configuration. This monument was inscribed in the fifty-first year of Qianlong, recording the construction process of Weiyang Academy.

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