I think there can be a profession in society called a guide.

  • I think there is a job in the society called "guide food". Look, this is the owner of the listed company. Let me help me choose a place to arrange a table for dinner and dinner. In fact, it's not expensive. These dishes are 600 yuan without alcohol. It seems that they are good enough to eat.[馋嘴]Plus my on-site detailed introduction of each dish, and every guest will be happy.[酷]Raw salted shrimp, fried grouper belly, soy sauce water nine spit fish, raw salted with paste three points crab, dry frying pomfret, garlic steamed side wild prawns, raw salted blood clam, the key is to inform me temporarily, in a hurry, there is no result of preparation, so every time I look at the delicacies, said that I brought together friends, you can take the initiative to organize the bureau to bring me, temporarily do not collect. Fees for Food Guide[挤眼]

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