Somebody inexplicably pushed me a video

  • Somebody inexplicably pushed me a video...
    Although the large-kissed oblique-toothed shark is a non-conservative species and it is not illegal to eat it, it is a little misleading to use the word "breeding" to cover people's eyes. At present, most of the sharks seen on the market come from wild fishing, especially the stress-prone species such as the large-kissed oblique-toothed shark, which is very easy to die in captivity. Only small benthic sharks such as the Striped bamboo shark are suitable for large-scale aquaculture to supply the seafood market, and considering the cost of raising, it is still far away. As compared with field fishing, there is no commercial shark farming for the supply market at present. It is absolutely absurd to claim that sharks used for food come from farming.
    In addition, shark meat is just a common food. It is quite common to cook with shark meat in the southeastern coastal areas. There is nothing to show off by eating shark meat. As for the exaggerated expressions and actions of the female anchor in the video, I think there is no practical significance other than to show that she is ignorant.[摊手]
    And... Why push me this mess every day?[拜拜]

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