Spheniscus humboldti.

  • Spheniscus humboldti, also known as Humboldt penguin and Humboldt penguin, is a penguin distributed in South America, mainly breeding along the coast of Peru and Chile. The Humboldt penguin is a medium-sized penguin. The adult bird is about 65-70 cm tall. The head is black, with a white broadband extending from behind the eyes through the ears to the lower jaw; some have white spots on the back.
    The protection status of Hanbode penguins is vulnerable, mainly due to overfishing resulting in a decline in the population.
    However, the Humboldt penguins in the Japanese zoo have to use gypsum and other materials to make false eggs and replace real penguin eggs to inhibit the growth of the population (the impact of the environment on the population is so great...).
    Map Source Wikipedia
    Sprouting spring

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