Longhushan Tianshifu (1) Zuting of Zhengyi School

  • Tianshifu, Longhushan (1)
    The ancestral courtyard of the Zhengyi faction. Since the fourth generation of Tianshi Zhang Sheng settled in Longhu Mountain, his descendants have lived here for generations. Zhang Zongyan in the 36th Dynasty was appointed by the ancestors of the Yuan Dynasty as " and Tianshi in the Han Dynasty as ", who was in charge of Taoism in the south of the Yangtze River. Taizu of the Ming Dynasty changed the title of Zhang Normal of the forty-second generation to quot; Dazhen Ren of the next generation, quot; was responsible for commanding Taoism in the world. The title of the Qing Dynasty was continued, but its status declined after Qianlong.
    Only seven batches of national security, we can see from the perspective of historical sites is still weak. The existing wooden buildings were repaired many times in the contemporary era after the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty.
    There is a river in front of Tianshifu, a mountain in the distance and a mountain behind it. Its geographical location is very immortal. There are several shopping streets around, such as the shop sign in Fig. 6, which is called & quot; the hall of the younger sister and the younger teacher, which is called "quot"; thinking that we have arrived at Huashan.

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