Blue whale Balaenoptera musculus Linnaeus, 1758

  • American species recordAmerican mammals follow suit - [Balaenoptera musculus Linnaeus, 1758] The largest animal ever witnessed on Earth in more than four billion years. We are honored to live with them in the same era, but we do not know how to cherish it. In the era of whaling, the population of blue whales decreased by 99%. Today, only about 10,000 live in the world in summer. Nearly 1,000 blue whales gather in mid-low latitudes on the west coast of North America, one of the most dense and visible areas in the world. Nevertheless, it still needs luck to see blue whales here. This year, for example, more than 270 days have passed and only 10 days have been recorded. Unlike humpback whales, blue whales are still in need of luck. Like the deep sea, most of the time, because of the Pacific wind and waves, whale-watching boats will not leave the coast too far, so the possibility of seeing is not very high; yesterday, because of the good weather, the whale-watching boats that started before had blue whale reports, so we drove far; this blue whale continued to observe for nearly an hour, each time. Up for a minute or so, then down for 10 minutes; the body size gap is still obvious after just watching humpback whales; near the blue whale, the word "shock" is not enough to describe! I've always wanted the blue whale to be an integer of the 100 wild animals I saw, or the 1000 wild vertebrates I saw, but that's not what I wanted. Now the blue whale is the 114 wild animals and 1039 vertebrates I saw in the wild in the United States.natural@ [email protected] HewishWeibo Video of Li Yinan Diomedea-exulans

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