Falling in love with Sichuan cuisine and Ziyang

  • Bronze chariots and horses of the Han Dynasty in Ziyang
    This is the third bronze chariot and horse of the Han Dynasty found after Xingyi in Guizhou and Wuwei in Gansu Province. It is also the largest one that has been found.
    At the end of 2005, two Han tombs were excavated in Lanjiapo, Zixi Village, Yanjiang District, presumed to be from Xinmang Period to the early Eastern Han Dynasty. Among them, M1 unearthed a set of copper chariots and horses, typical of the Han Dynasty - quot; bike - quot; with a length of about 2.05 meters.
    Among them, the single horse is about 1.1 in length and 1.05 meters in height. There should have been simple bracelets, such as Danglu, Ma Tin and Ring, but they are no longer there. Wheel 18 spokes, diameter 0.71 meters. Public opinion, length 0.63, width 0.27, height 0.3 meters. Three sides are closed, and column handrails are installed on both sides. The car should have an umbrella cover. Copper control hand is located on the left side of the public opinion, wearing a flat scarf, wearing a gown, hands do control shape, about 0.37 meters high.
    # Falling in love with Sichuan cuisine and Ziyang#

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