Today is Oct. 12, the fruit green crab of Nanhai River actually achieved _

  • Today is October 12.

    Guolu Nanhai Creek Crab is actually a variant of the common Nanhai Creek Crab.
    Dark green back armor is green in green apples due to genetic variation
    It's lighter and better looking than the common crabs in South China Sea.
    Normal fruit green with high color usually costs between 80 and 120 yuan, which is a little expensive.

    In line with the purpose that it is fool to be cheap and not to take advantage of it
    I took a look at this green one. It's only 45 yuan.
    I heard it's a match with the mother-fruit green I call Tutu.
    It's just a broken leg, but it's granulated.
    That means the next molt will recover.
    After receiving the goods, I was deeply attracted by its light green back armor.
    If I hadn't deliberately reminded myself that I hadn't noticed its broken leg.

    The newly arrived crab is not recommended for immediate feeding.
    Because immediate feeding is often the cause of death.
    Too many friends have experienced this kind of thing.
    The best way is simple.
    Stay in the dark corner for two or three days until the crab's mouth is deep enough to escape the wind.
    It is not until the temperature and water quality of the new environment are fully adapted that a small amount of food can be fed.
    Just play once.
    It's very likely that you'll die if you take it out every day.~

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