Microblog Photography Competition

  • At this time last year, a male mandarin duck suddenly appeared in Manhattan Central Park. No one knows where it came from. Its beauty has quickly become a hot topic through the spread of social networks. New York's mainstream media are scrambling to report, and people are rushing into Central Park to have a glimpse of the charm of this far-off Oriental main drin duck. There are special posts on the Internet to observe and track its life path every day. Others hope that it can find an alien girlfriend (a female mandarin duck) in the pond of Central Park in order to settle down. However, around the turn of spring and summer this year, it suddenly flew away without even waving a duck's sleeve to say goodbye to the people of New York. So far, no one knows where it has developed and whether it will fly back this autumn and winter.[微风][鲜花]

    # Microblog Photography Competition## Photography is extraordinary#

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