Smelt cheese toast is a quick breakfast that can be done in two steps.

  • Milk cheese toast

    A quick breakfast that can be done in two simple steps. The fragrance of your mouth wakes up your stomach in an instant 65

    Ingredients: 2 pieces of toast, 20 grams of milk, 30 grams of sweet salad sauce, 2 pieces of cheese

    1. Milk, salad dressing squeezed into a bowl, stirring evenly.

    2. Apply it on toast slices

    3. Spread the prepared cheese slices.

    4. Preheat the oven 190 degrees in advance, then put it in the middle of the oven and fire for about 5 minutes.

    5. A simple and delicious crispy cheese toast is OK

    You can also add other ingredients you like.

    Cr: Happiness Blessed Hand in Hand

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