Oil-splashed potatoes crisp and appetizing.

  • _Oil-splashed potato shreds

    The fragrance is crisp and appetizing, the hot oil is spilled, the fragrance immediately pours on the nose, and the mouth is watering with greediness! uuuuuuuuu

    Food ingredients: potatoes, green pepper, millet pepper

    1. A knife cutter needs to cut his own silk to taste good. First, he cuts it into thin slices, so that he can cut out good-looking potato shreds.

    2. Clean the cut potato shreds several times with cold water, wash the excess starch, wash the water is not turbid, very clear can be.

    3. Prepare shredded green pepper, millet pepper ring
    (Green pepper shredded is best cut and potato shredded is equal in thickness, millet pepper can be replaced by dry pepper)

    4. Potato shredded can be boiled for 15-20 seconds, because the shredded potatoes are very thin, the boiling time should not be too long.

    5. After boiling water, the shredded potatoes should be quickly cooled and cooled with cold water, so as to be crisp. At the same time, control the moisture and put it in a bowl to start seasoning.

    6. Sprinkle in sauce, sugar, salt, pepper powder, sesame oil, millet pepper and chili noodles. When the oil is heated, sprinkle it on it.

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