Home garlic paste and white meat are delicious or not greasy.

  • _White meat with garlic paste

    It's delicious and not greasy. It has endless aftertaste and fragrant lips and teeth.

    Food ingredients: pork, garlic, chili oil, white sesame, peanuts

    1. It's made of skinned pork, fat and thin, and tastes better.

    2. Five-flower meat cold underwater pot first boiled water to remove foam, then poured into two spoons of cooking wine, 3-4 pieces of ginger, a large material, a fragrant leaf, cooked and fished out.

    3. Seasoning sauce: garlic puree, sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, sugar, chili oil, peanut crushed, ripe sesame, millet pepper, onion. Add a little broth and mix well.
    (White sugar must be put, peanuts can be broken according to their own preferences to put)

    4. Boiled pork should not be cooled and cut again. As long as it is not hot, it can be sliced into thin slices.

    5. Decorate the dish with shredded carrot or cucumber, so the pendulum will look better.

    6. With the heat, the sauce can be dripped and eaten.

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