Marseilles on the Medieval Square

  • People who have been to Siena must know that Piazza del Campo (Shell Square) is the soul of Siena, and its unique shell shape is a masterpiece in the history of architecture. It was built in the 13th century (equivalent to the Southern Song Dynasty in China) and is the largest medieval square in Italy and Europe. It was also called "the most beautiful square in Europe". Looking down from above, the square is a huge fan-shaped square, consisting of nine parts, representing nine members of the Siena government.
    But many people don't know that this medieval square is held every summer on July 2 and August 16 in the old square of Le Palio delle Contrade, Italy's largest and most famous traditional horse racing event. At that time, all parish residents will gather in the square. Tens of thousands of empty lanes are the oldest and liveliest festival in Siena.
    The origin of Siena Racing Festival varies, and the most widely recognized source of information is that it began in 1200 A.D. Since 1644, some regulations have been in effect until now. The first Horse Racing Festival was held in this year. Since then, the competition mode has continued to this day without interruption. More than a hundred years ago, when modern football and basketball were not yet in shape, horse racing was the first sport in Europe.[奥特曼] Italian Shell Square

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