An Inconvenient History

  • # An Inconvenient History#Two Peaches Killing Three Warriors

    Yanzi Chunqiu, Neiwen, Jianxia II:

    Gongsun Jie, Tian Kaijiang, Guyezi Jinggong fought bravely against tigers. Yanzi tends to pass by, but the three cannot afford it.

    Yan Zi went to see Gong and said, "The minister hears that the emperor of Ming Dynasty has courageous men, who have the righteousness of the emperor and his ministers, who have a long-term relationship, who can forbid violence in the interior and exterior, who can make good use of their merits and submit to their bravery, so he respects his position and respects his salary. Nowadays, the brave men of the monarch have no righteousness of the monarch and his ministers, and there is no long-term friendship between them. They should not forbid violence inside or overwhelm the enemy outside. They should not go if they want to endanger the country.

    Gong said, "The three sons are afraid of fighting and the stabbing."
    Yan Zi said, "These are the people who are trying to attack and suppress the enemy. There is no rite of growth and childhood." He asked the public to give less than two peaches, and said, "Why don't Sanzi eat peaches without merit?"

    Gongsun looked up to heaven and sighed, "Yanzi, Homo sapiens! It is no courage for a man who does his best to avoid peaches. There are few peaches among men of letters. Why not eat peaches without merit? If you succeed, you can eat peaches without being the same as others. Help peaches arise.

    Tian Kai-jiang said, "If we fight for the army, we can eat peaches, but not the same as others." Help peaches arise.

    Guyezi said, "I will try to help the river from the emperor, so that the left hand can enter the stream of the pillar. When the time is right, Yeshao can't swim, sneak a hundred steps against the current, nine miles down the river, and kill it, left-handed tail, right-handed head, cranes leap out. Everyone in Jin said,'Hebo is also!' If you look at it, it will be the first big catfish. If you make a contribution, you can also eat peaches without being the same as others. Why don't the second son fight against peach?' Swords rose.

    Gongsun Jie and Tian Kaijiang said, "If I am brave and have no children, if I have no merits, I will not let peaches be taken, it will be greedy; but if I do not die, I will not be brave." They all died on the contrary.

    Guyezi said, "When the two sons die, they are only born, they are not benevolent; when the shame speaks, they boast, they are unjust; when they hate what they do, they will not die, they will not be brave." Although the two sons share the same peach, it is appropriate to cultivate their own peach. On the contrary, peaches lead to death.

    The messenger replies, "It's dead." The public mourning to dress, burial to the scholar ceremony Yan Yan.

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