DAY 3 Anilao Octopus (Argonauta argo)...

  • DAY 3 Anilao
    Argonauta Argo is the species I've always dreamed of shooting, because its gorgeous and changeable body has always been the top five species on my list. I have been to Anilo for dozens of times before, but I haven't been able to take very ideal pictures. Fortunately, this time I succeeded.

    Unlike the mallow cuttlefish, the flat cuttlefish has a larger size. The adult can reach more than 30 centimeters. The female's shell is large and flat, so it gets its name. From the side, they are very thin, and the protuberance of the shell is more compact and sharp.

    The difference between the shape of female Octopus oblate and Mallow within 3 cm is not obvious, but when the size of Octopus oblate and mallow is more than 5 cm, the characteristics begin to become clear. Their body color can vary greatly with their mood. The film between the tentacles often completely coats the shell, while the top tentacles of the shell are pale blue, which can be adjusted according to the swimming direction, like rudders. Unlike mallow cuttlefish, they usually move independently and do not cling to drifting objects.

    Octopus oblatus is an oceanic octopus. It is also called paper nautilus because of its similar body shape. But unlike real nautilus, its thin shell is only for protecting eggs, and there is no complicated cabin structure to control sinking and floating. The main thrust of Octopus oblate action comes from the water outlet. It can escape very quickly when frightened, so it needs to be patiently "slippery" to make it adapt to your focus lamp, slow down the speed and show different postures.

    After several different months of shooting, I found that the appearance of Octopus ocellatus has obvious regularity. During this period, I can find a large number of female individuals every day, from just beginning to develop the shell to more than 10 cm of large individuals have been found, but the male individuals are almost invisible, and in November-January, from 5 meters to 10 meters of water layer is full of male individuals. It will take longer to learn more about this species.Philippines Batangas Bay

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