An Inconvenient History

  • # An Inconvenient History#Wei Zheng and Li Shimin's discussion on the status of the prince and his assistant ministers can be found in the biography of Wei Zheng in Old Tang Shu. In the Song Dynasty, Zhao Kuangxu abolished the seat of prime minister in the dynasty meeting, and the legend of "three people sitting and discussing Tao" became legendary. In the Ming Dynasty, when feudal vassals were restored, ministers were required to kill the emperor's head, abolish the position of prime minister and report on their knees. In the Qing Dynasty, Manchu masters and their own slaves, while Han officials were not qualified as slaves. In this respect, civil rights are retrogressive and imperial power is constantly strengthening.

    In the twelfth year of Zhenguan, Wang Qian, the official of the Ministry of Rites, Shangshu, said, "Officials of more than three grades who meet the prince on the road get out of the car and violate the law to show respect, which violates the standards of etiquette." Li Shimin said, "Do you despise my son because your own position is honorable?" Wei Zhengjin said, "From ancient times to the present, the princes are listed under the three princes. Nowadays, the three articles are the emperor, Lieqing and the eight seats. Getting off the bus for the prince is not a gift for the prince. In the old practice, there is no basis for vouchers; in the present situation, it violates the national law." Li Shimin said, "The reason why the country established a prince is to prepare him to be a king. However, people's length is not old or young, if there is no prince, then the prince and his mother's brother will be in turn. So how can I despise my son? Wei Zheng said: "The Yin Dynasty advocated simplicity, with the courtesy of his brother's death and his brother's accession to the throne; since Zhou Dynasty, the establishment of a prince must be the eldest son of his descendant, in order to eradicate the brothers'selfish thoughts and block the root of the disaster, this is a matter for the monarch to be very careful." So Li Shimin agreed with Wang Qi's speech.

    Original text:
    Twelve years later, Wang Qi of the Ministry of Rites, Shangshu, said, "When more than three articles meet a prince on the way, they all descend, revere illegally, and have good manners." Taizong said, "All Qing generations respect themselves and humble my son?" The levy said, "From ancient times till now, the prince's class is under three princes. Today, the three products are called the emperor, the emperor, the emperor, the emperor, the emperor, the emperor, the emperor and the eight emperors. They are not suitable for the emperor. It is impossible to rely on stories; today, it is in conformity with the Constitution." Taizong said, "The Prince of the state is supposed to be a monarch. However, if there is no prince, then the mother and the younger brother will take the second place. In this sense, we should take our son for granted?" Zheng said: "The Yin family upholds quality and has the meaning of brothers, brothers and brothers; since Zhou Dynasty, it will grow up. Therefore, it is necessary for people to have a glimpse of the most common evils, and for those who have a country to be careful about the origin of calamities and disorders." So it can be played.

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