DAY 5-6 Anilao is not a long week.

  • DAY 5-6 Anilao
    A week is not a long time, but this trip seems to be very slow. In addition to teaching, I took time to simply repair several pictures and share them with you here. It's time to fly back to Beijing in an hour. Think about coming out of Beijing at the beginning of January. It's been more than a month since I stepped into my house. It's a bit of a mixed feeling.

    Fig. 1 is probably the moment when a cicada or crab molts. In a short period of ten minutes, I observed the whole process of molting of two or three individuals. Unfortunately, because the time is too short to get closer to the camera, and only this focal plane can be found accurately.

    Fig. 2 and 5 are deep-sea squid. I try to emphasize the texture of the squid by using more three-dimensional lighting. I choose to look down and face from the angle. Compared with the side photos of visual fatigue in peacetime, it seems a little more fresh.

    Fig. 3 is a large squid with a height of more than 5 centimeters. It has been swimming around my focus lamp at high speed. In order to keep up with its rhythm, I have been circling from 5 meters to the surface of the water.

    Fig. 4 is the larvae of Anilo's star species, zebra octopus. Unlike today's protagonist, he preyed on a shrimp. Fortunately, I photographed the whole process of feeding the struggling shrimp into his mouth.

    Fig. 6 The unsightly larvae are the larvae of astrologers. When they grow up, they will submerge in the sand, leaving only two eyes on their large flat faces, waiting for their prey to pass by. I think it's one of the few species from clowns to big ones.

    Fig. 7 is a sub-adult of some kind of leopard squid. Fig. 8 is a female mallow cuttlefish just beginning to grow its shell, which is adhering to a pile of rubber rubbish. Fig. 9 is a red squid after catching its prey.

    In the last two days, most of the dives were conducted near Anilo Harbour, so the species encountered were mainly benthic species in the sand after adulthood. Over the next 19 years, I hope to go further to completely unfamiliar waters and find different night elves.

    As the year draws to a close, the Spring Festival spent abroad feels a little lonely, but it also has more time to think and plan the goals for the coming year. Finally, I wish you all a happy New Year and realize more dreams in the new year! ____________Nino Aquino International Airport

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